3/4" Colored Vinyl
Marking Tape
3/4-inch Colored Vinyl Marking Tape Identi-Tape Logo
3/4" WIDE COLORED VINYL MARKING TAPE - These 6-mil, adhesive vinyl tapes are available in 16 colors in 36-yard (108') long rolls (on 3-in. cores).  They can be ordered as individual rolls or 64-roll cartons below.  These tapes are used for general color coding, file marking, tools & equipment, and bundling of tubing, rods, conduits and the like.  They are highly adhesive and resistant to sun, water, oil, fungus and chemicals and can be written on with a permanent marker.  Their temperature use range is from -20ºF to 170ºF, but should be applied when the tape is in the range of room temperature. 

Automatic discounts of 10% at 16 rolls and 15% at 32 rolls, any mix of colors
Approximate Color Color Name Roll Size Product
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Single Rolls
64-roll Carton
$163.20 ($2.55/roll)
  Black 3/4" x 36-yd v.75bk Qty: Qty:
  Medium Gray 3/4" x 36-yd v.75mgy Qty: Qty:
  Dark Brown 3/4" x 36-yd v.75dbn Qty: Qty:
  Medium Brown 3/4" x 36-yd v.75mbn Qty: Qty:
  Purple 3/4" x 36-yd v.75pu Qty: Qty:
  Violet 3/4" x 36-yd v.75vi Qty: Qty:
  Dark Blue 3/4" x 36-yd v.75db Qty: Qty:
  Medium Blue 3/4" x 36-yd v.75mbl Qty: Qty:
  Light Blue
3/4" x 36-yd v.75lb Qty: Qty:
  Hunter Green 3/4" x 36-yd v.75hg Qty: Qty:
  Kelley Green 3/4" x 36-yd v.75kg Qty: Qty:
  Light Green 3/4" x 36-yd v.75lg Qty: Qty:
  Red 3/4" x 36-yd v.75r Qty: Qty:
  Orange 3/4" x 36-yd v.75o Qty: Qty:
  Yellow 3/4" x 36-yd v.75y Qty: Qty:
  White 3/4" x 36-yd v.75w Qty: Qty:
LTR Tape Dispenser LTR Counter Top Tape Dispenser -
holds up to 11 rolls of 3/4" tape
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