1/4" Vinyl
Marking Tape
1/4-in Vinyl Tape Identi-Tape,Inc
1/4" WIDE COLORED VINYL TAPE - These narrow vinyl adhesive tapes are available in 15 colors.  Rolls are 108 feet long and core diameter is 3 inches.  These are used for general color-coding, identification of tools and cables, 5S applications, hoop decorating, etc.  They are highly adhesive and resistant to water, oil, fungus and chemicals, but may leave residue over extended periods of time.  These can be written on with a permanent marker.  Shelf-life for vinyl tape is typically one year from the date of puchase when stored under conditions of normal room temerature and humidity.
NOTE:  some 1/4-inch width rolls have a tendancy to "telescope" or "cone" (image to right).  This is due to excessive tension during winding of the vinyl onto 48" master logs.  Once slit, these rolls are susceptible to "coning", especially during periods of warm weather.  The majority of rolls do not cone, but about 10%-15% can experience some degree of coning.
Telescoped roll of 1/4-inch vinyl tape
Approximate Colors Color Width Price
per Roll
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  Black 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25bk Qty
  Medium Gray 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00 v.25mgy Qty
  Dark Brown 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25dbn Qty
  Purple 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25pu Qty
  Violet 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00
now $1.50
v.25vi Qty
  Dark Blue 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25db Qty
  Medium Blue 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25mbl Qty
  Light Blue
1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25lb Qty
  Hunter Green 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25hg Qty
  Kelley Green 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25kg Qty
  Light Green 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25lg Qty
  Red 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25r Qty
  Orange 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25o Qty
  Yellow 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25y Qty
  White 1/4" x 108-ft $3.00v.25w Qty
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