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Identi-Tape Inc. wishes to announce a new partnership with Hoopologie dba Identi-Tape #2 (dba = doing business as) Identi-Tape Inc. (#1) has begun transitioning products to an affiliate company called, for short, "Identi-Tape #2".  This transition will effectively separate business segments of Identi-Tape Inc. into two entities.  The original Identi-Tape #1 will continue to sell reflective and personal safety-related products.  Hoopologie dba Identi-Tape #2 will take on the marketing and fulfillment of orders for gaffer tape, vinyl marking tapes, electrical tapes, harness tapes, certain reflective tapes, and others.

Due to operating as two separate businesses, it will be necessary for customers wishing to order tapes from Identi-Tape #2 to set up new customer accounts.  Identi-Tape #2 operates on a separate e-commerce platform called Shopify.  This will result in new purchase histories and other procedural changes.

BENEFITS:  There will be a number of benefits to our new arrangement:

  • Identi-Tape #1 will be able to place more emphasis on safety-related tapes and focus their offerings onto that market
  • Identi-Tape #2 will offer a broader variety and deeper inventory of tapes for manufacturing and industry
  • Identi-Tape #2, with its larger staff, will offer faster processing and shipping of orders
  • This is the link to the Hoopologie dba Identi-Tape #2 Home Page

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