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Photoluminescent Tape - General Info: These "glow-in-the-dark" adhesive tapes are energized by a long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate) that is non-toxic & non-radioactive.  They charge fully with only 10 minutes exposure to light.  Any type of direct lighting will charge them.  Sunlight, halogen, xenon, full spectrum & fluorescent light work best.  Glow lifespan is measured to the point of bare visibility to the darkness-adapted eye, but may vary due to a) proximity to charging light source, b) angle of exposure to source, and c) brightness of source lamp.  Photoluminescent tapes can be recharged virtually an infinite number of times and last 20 years with only a 2% diminishment in luminescence.  They are used in areas such as egress and exit pathways, stairwells, evacuation corridors, emergency exits - as long as they are lit well enough to charge the tape.  Many municipal building codes now require photoluminescent markings on handrails in stairwells, across steps, and around exit doorways.
"MOONGLOW" Photoluminescent Tape (our original) has outstanding photoluminescence.  It is the brightest photoluminecent tape we have ever seen, with a brightness after 10 minutes in darkness of 190 mcd/lux/sq.m.  It lasts all night with a gradually diminishing glow.  Moonglow recharges quickly (within 5 minutes) and has a glossy, easy to clean surface.  It is flexible and is recommmended for use on smooth surfaces like metal, glass, ceramic, vinyl, and glossy paint.  For use on lightly textured surfaces it should be tested first, but is not for rough or rugose surfaces.  Best for round hand rails in stairwells, on metal doorframes, and vinyl hallway molding.  Can be used on smooth to lightly textured painted drywall, but paint must be completely dry (1-2 weeks).  Moonglow Tape is approved for emergency egress markings, exceeding NYC building Code RS6-1 and 6-1A.  Moonglow is easy to write on with a permanent marker and makes great glow-in-the-dark labels and bands for anything you want to find in your tent in the darkness of night; flashlight, water bottle, bear spray, etc.  It is also great on fishing lures, glowing brightly underwater. 

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Moonglow Photoluminescent Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
"Moonglow" Egress Marking Tape
High-energy Long-life 10-12 hour
- pale yellow-green in daylight,
bright yellow-green in darkness
179 mcd/lux/sq.m @ 10 min.
meets ASTM E2072 and
NYC Bldg. Code Ref. Standard
RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A

(see SPECS)
recommended for smooth surfaces
like metal, glass, tile, vinyl, and glossy
paint, including round handrails,
door frames, & hallway molding
- testing on painted drywall is recommended before applying.

NOT for rough textured surfaces
Thickness: 9-mils (0.009")
1" x 150' $84.00
3 @ -5%
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2" x 150' $158.00
3 @ -5%
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