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PRIVACY:  We have absolute and unconditional respect for your right to privacy and freedom from spam email.  We do not sell or share e-mail, phone, or address lists.  We may occasionally send e-mail to existing customers announcing sales or special deals.  To view specifics, please view our Privacy Policy and how it pertains to the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

GUARANTEE:  Defective tape can be either replaced or refunded in full.  If we ship you the wrong tape by mistake, we'll send you the right tape and pay for return of the wrong.  If you are unsure of what to order, please send an e-mail to  We can recommend the best tape for your need.

RETURNS:  If you want to return tape for any reason (wrong size, wrong color, etc.), you may return it within 15 days of the purchase date subject to a re-stocking fee of up to 20%, but which may vary to as little as 10%.  The fee depends on the condition of the returned tape and other circumstances.  The return fee covers the cost of credit card transaction fees (both the purchase and the credit) and processing time for entering the credit and processing the refund.

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