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Fluorescent Board and Artists Paper Tape (aka Console Tape) - are high quality smooth-surfaced paper tapes used by sound & recording studios on consoles and mixing boards for labeling controls, lines & feeds.  Fluorescent tapes, also known as neon or black light tapes, are popular for creating attention-getting posters, displays, and artistic projects.  They are extremely UV (black light) reactive, more than any other fluorescent tape.  Board & artist tape is easily removable and repositionable and can be written on with a pen, pencil or permanent marker.  They come in 60-yd long rolls on 3" diameter cores that also fit our countertop tape DISPENSERS.  For a lasting, non-fading labels use our "Crystal Clear" polypropylene tape (below) for a protective overlay.  Board and Artists Tapes are RoHS Compliant.
     Discounts:      individual rolls discount 10% at 12 rolls and 20% at 24 rolls, any mix of colors
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Board and Console Tape White
(acid free)
3/4" x 60-yd $5.00 bat.75w Qty:
Red Board, Artist, Console Tape Red 1/2" x 60-yd $5.00 bat.5r Qty:
Fluorescent Neon Green Board, Artist, Console Tape Fluorescent Green
 glows bright under UV 
1" x 60-yd $9.00 bat1fg Qty:
Fluorescent Neon Pink Board, Artist, Console Tape Fluorescent Pink
 glows bright under UV 
1" x 60-yd $9.00 bat1fp Qty:
Neon Yellow Board and Artist Tape
Neon Yellow Board and Artist Tape
Fluorescent Yellow
 glows bright under UV 
1/2" x 60-yd $5.00 bat.5fy Qty:
1" x 60-yd $9.00 bat1fy Qty:
Neon Orange Board, Artist, Console Tape Fluorescent Red-Orange
 glows bright under UV 
1" x 60-yd $9.00 bat1fo Qty:
Crystal Clear Overlay Tape "Crystal Clear"
3.6-mil Transparent
Polypropylene Overlay Tape
(non-yellowing & UV resistant)
2" x 55-yd
on 3" core
$6.00 cs2cc Qty:
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