3M® Scotchlite
Reflective Tape
for Personal Safety
3M 8830 Reflective Tape Identi-Tape Logo
3M Scotchlite 8830 is for helmets, saddlecases, boots, fenders, paniers, backpacks, satchels, etc.  It is thick (15 mils) but conformable and sturdy and adheres well to heavy fabrics like Cordura, leather, hard hats, and plastic or metal shell luggage.  It has an aggressive acrylic adhesive and is virtually untearable.  It is versatile and outstanding for providing visual conspicuity during night.  It is easy to cut and apply, but note that the adhesive should be allowed to cure for 72 hours before putting a garment into rigorous use.  Specifications and application instructions for 3M 8830 can be seen at the following link: 3M Specifications.
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3M 8830 Reflective Tape 3M® 8830
Reflective Tape

~15 mils thick

for helmets, backpacks
saddlebags, paniers
satchels, luggage
1" x 8 feet $12.00 3M8830-1sv Qty
1" x 100-m
$282.00 3M8830R1sv 3M has discontinued
2" x 100-m
$558.00 3M8830R2sv Qty
few remain
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