4" Vinyl
Floor Tape

4-inch wide Vinyl Tape
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4-INCH COLORED VINYL FLOOR MARKING TAPE - These 6-mil thick adhesive vinyl tapes are available in 15 standard colors.  Sold individually or in 12-roll cartons (both can be ordered simultaneously below), these tapes are for designating plant and warehouse lanes and operational areas and OSHA safety, equipment, and hazard areas.  In areas of heavy use, an overlay of clear 5-inch vinyl tape (seen below) improves vinyl floor marking tape's durability and lifespan.  They are highly adhesive and resistant to water, oil, fungus and chemicals.  Do not apply to freshly varnished gym floors, but allow 2-3 weeks for the varnish to de-gas and dry completely.  They can be written on with permanent markers.  A less expensive alternative to 3M #471. 

Automatic discounts of 10% at 12 rolls and 15% at 24 rolls, any mix of sizes and colors, including stripes & checks
Approximate Color Color Name Roll Size Product
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Single Rolls
12-roll Carton
$132.00 ($11.00/roll)
  Black 4" x 36-yd v4bk Qty: Qty:
  Medium Gray 4" x 36-yd v4mgy Qty: Qty:
  Dark Brown 4" x 36-yd v4dbn Qty: Qty:
  Purple 4" x 36-yd v4pu N/A Qty:
  Violet 4" x 36-yd v4vi Qty:
one left
  Dark Blue 4" x 36-yd v4db Qty: Qty:
  Medium Blue 4" x 36-yd v4mbl Qty: Qty:
  Hunter Green 4" x 36-yd v4hg Qty: Qty:
  Kelley Green 4" x 36-yd v4kg Qty: Qty:
  Light Green 4" x 36-yd v4lg Qty: Qty:
  Red 4" x 36-yd v4r Qty: Qty:
  Orange 4" x 36-yd v4o Qty: Qty:
  Yellow 4" x 36-yd v4y Qty: Qty:
  White 4" x 36-yd v4w Qty: Qty:
3-inch & 4-inch Clear Vinyl Tape Clear 4" x 36-yd v4c Qty: Qty:
Clear -
floor tape overlay
honey-colored on roll
clear when applied
5" x 36-yd v5c Qty:
$115.20 per
8-roll carton
5.5" x 36-yd v5.5c N/A Qty:
$127.00 per
8-roll carton
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