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For Hydrants: See our conformable reflective tapes at: 3M Engineering Grade and 3M Flexible Prismatic Grade.




SUPER ENGINEERING GRADE SAFETY REFLECTIVE TAPE (SEG) is for Smooth FLAT or ROUND surfaces like a pipe, but not for compound curves like a helmet SEG is a Type II retro-reflective adhesive tape.  It is 60% to 100% brighter than ordinary engineering grade.  It is thin (5.5 mil) and has a permanent acrylic adhesive with a peel-off backing.  It utilizes embedded microscopic glass beadlets to reflect light and is used on signs, vehicles, pipe posts & stock gates (not recommended on rough-finished wood).  White, yellow, red, and green meet FHA specifications for highway signage and have a 12-year warranty; reflectivity.  They exceed ASTM specifications D 4956 and LS-300C.  Blue has 10-year and orange a 3-year life warranty.  Tape should be applied when it and the substrate are within the temperature range of 64F to 77F, but it is service rated from -40ºF to 180ºF.  To maximize longevity, the adhesive should be allowed to cure 48 hours (and not allowed to freeze) before being put into service.  The brightest reflecting color is white, followed by yellow, orange, red, green, then blue.  Tape is sold in 15-ft amd 50-yd rolls.  Note: Super-engineering grade material is identified by a small (3/16") gray star every 7" horizontally and every 2" vertically.  Due to it's narrow width, not every roll of 1" width material will have stars.

Type II Super-Engineering Grade Reflective Tapes, 1-inch Width
(for enhanced night time visibility)
Approximate Color Color Sizes Price per
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  White 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1w Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1w Qty
  Yellow 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1y Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1y Qty:
  Orange 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1o Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1o Qty:
  Red 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1r Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1r Qty:
  Green 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1gn Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1gn Qty:
  Blue 1" x 15' $8.00 srse1bl Qty:
1" x 150' $39.00 srseR1bl Qty:
  Purple See 3M Engineer Grade
  Black See 3M Engineer Grade
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