(Also see our Colored 3M USCG Flexible Prismatic Reflective Tapes
- great for helmets and motorcycle saddlebags)

Genuine 3M SOLAS Reflective Tape - Our 3M 3150A & 6755 SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) reflective tapes are U.S. Coast Guard approved (see SPECIFICATIONS).  SOLAS tapes are have a reflective surface comprised of encapsulated glass lens beadlets.  They are specifically designed to enhance the visibility of life jackets, ring buoys, survival suits, and inflatable life rafts in marine environments.  This tape (3150A) is highly flexible and adheres to rubber-coated cloth, vinyl-nylon laminated cloth, cured polyester cloth, PVC, aluminum, and helmets. The sew-on SOLAS (6755) offers all the same reflective qualities as 3150A, but with a flexible fabric backing.  Both SOLAS tapes are excellent for outerwear applications such as motorcycle jackets and raingear.  Sticks to nylon and codura.  3150A sold in 16-foot increments or 55-yard rolls.  6755 is also sold in 16-foot lengths and 55-yard rolls.  Specifications and instructions for all 3M SOLAS reflective materials can be found at this link HERE.  Please note that adhesive SOLAS tapes are not machine washable.  Approximate thickness of 3150A is 11-mils (0.011") and 6755 is 13-mils.
3M 3150A & 3M 6755 SOLAS Marine Safety Reflective Tape
(for personal night time conspicuity, USCG Approved)
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3M SOLAS 3150A
3M SOLAS 3150A (Adhesive)

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(3150A Adhesive)
1" x 15-ft $14.00 solas1 Qty:
1" x 55-yd $92.00 solasR1 Qty:
2" x 15-ft $27.00 solas2 Qty:
2" x 55-yd $179.00 solasR2 Qty:
3" x 15-ft $38.00 solas3 Qty:
3" x 55-yd $279.00 solasR3 Qty:
3M SOLAS 6755
3M SOLAS 6755 (Sew-on Fabric)

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(6755 sew-on fabric -
soft and supple)
2" x 15-ft $29.00 solasSO2 Qty:
2" x 55-yd $229.00 solasSOR2 Qty:
Tape Slitter
from 1/8" to 2"
w\reversible blade
Aluminum &
Link to Slitters
(for slitting both types of SOLAS to any narrower width)
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