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General Commments - Adhesive Photoluminescent TapesThese "glow-in-the-dark" tapes are energized by a long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate) that is non-toxic & non-radioactive.  These photoluminescent tapes are 9 mils thick (9/1000") and charge fully with only 5 minutes exposure to light.  Any type of direct lighting will charge the tape, but sunlight, halogen, xenon, & fluorescent lights work best.  They can be recharged nearly an infinite number of times and last 20 years with only a 2% diminishment of luminescence.  Use in any well-lit areas, such in stairwells (steps and handrails), evacuation corridors, emergency exits, instruments, switches, and controls, anything important to see when the lights go out.  Great on fishing lures and frisbees at night.  These tapes are adhesive with a peel-off backing, so be sure to apply only to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces that are above 50°F. 

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BELOW:  US Made Long-life Photoluminescent Tape
These 10-hour and 24-hour US made photoluminescent tapes meet requirements of ASTM E2072, et al, and MIL-L-3891B for photoluminescent safety markings,  Visible to the night-adapted eye up to ten hours (long-life) or 24 hours (ultra-premium) with gradually diminishing brightness.  This tape is UV resistant.&bnsp; Jessup 7550 is good for long-term outdoor use.  The tapes below are recommmended for volleyball court lines and will not fragment when being removed, 

7530 Long-Life Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
2", 1", & 1/2" Glow-in-the-Dark

7530 Long-Life Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
4" Glowing in the Dark
US Made
Jessup #7530
Long-life (10-hour)
Adhesive Vinyl Tape
ASTM 2072 & MIL-3891B

(luminescence after 10 min.
= 72 mcd/lux/sq.m)

(white in daylight,
glows greenish white)
1/2" x 15' $6.00 phL.5 Qty:
1/2" x 150' $29.00 phLR.5 Qty:
1" x 15' $10.00 phL1 Qty:
1" x 150' $57.00 phLR1 Qty:
2" x 15' $18.00 phL2 Qty:
2" x 150' $109.00 phLR2 Qty:
Ultra-premium Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
(daytime appearance)
US Made
Jessup #7550
Ultra-premium (24-hour)
Outdoor Rated
Adhesive Vinyl Tape
ASTM E2072 & MIL-3891B

(luminescence after 10 min.
= 134 mcd/lux/sq.m)

(ivory in daylight,
glows greenish white)
1/2" x 15' $10.00 phUP.5-15 Qty:
1/2" x 150' $52.00 phUPR.5 Qty:
1" x 15' $16.00 phUP1-15 Qty:
1" x 150' $98.00 phUPR1 Qty:
2" x 15' $28.00 phUP2-15 Qty:
2" x 150' $184.00 phUPR2 Qty:
Glow-in-the-Dark Gaffer Tape
1/2" & 1" Glow-in-the-Dark
Gaffer Tape
Photoluminescent Gaffer Tape
- cloth, hand-tearable, removes
easily without residue
(also glows bright
under UV black light)
1/2" x 10-yd $7.00 gph.5 Qty:
1" x 10-yd $11.00 gph1 Qty:

High-energy, Long-life "MOONGLOW" SUPER Photoluminescent Tape (below)
This tape has AMAZING photoluminescence.  It is brighter than any photoluminescent tape we we have ever seen.  It's value for brightness after 10 minutes in darkness is 179 mcd/lux/sq.m.  Glows all night with gradually diminishing brightness.  It is actually possible to read by the light emitted from a 2" x 6" piece!  Is best used as a luminescent marker on anything you want to find in your tent at night in a hurry; flashlight, water bottle, bear spray, etc.  It can be used outdoors too, but intense sun will diminish its lifespan to several years.  Moonglow conforms well to any surface, is pliable and slightly stretchy.  Also, GREAT on fishing lures and flies!  Note: this tape does not have great tensile strength so may separate on an expandable surface exposed to high temperature, such as a car or a hoop in the sun.

High-Energy Long-Life Glow-in-the-Dark Tape "MOONGLOW"
High-energy Long-life

Adhesive Vinyl Tape
(luminescence after 10 min.
= 179 mcd/lux/sq.m)

(yellowish in daylight,
glows greenish white)
(shiny finish)
Made in China
1/2" x 15' $8.00 phHL.5-15 Qty:
1/2" x 150' $35.00 phHLR.5 Qty:
1" x 15' $14.00 phHL1-15 Qty:
1" x 150' $68.00 phHLR1 Qty:
2" x 15' $24.00 phHL2-15 Qty:
2" x 150' $126.00 phHLR2 Qty:
High-Energy Long-Life Photoluminescent Dot-Circles
High-Energy Long-Life Photoluminescent Dot-Circles

3/4" x 10 dots $2.00 phHLD.75 Qty:
3/4" x 2000 dots $99.00 phHLDR.75 (out)
2-in. Tape SlitterClick HERE to see a nifty tool for slitting photoluminescent tapes to narrower widths.
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