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To our dear Hoop Tape Customers, past and present;

Many of you have been loyal customers for years and years, and we appreciate the many orders of tape that you have submitted to us through time. Four years ago, we began a collaboration with a brand new hoop supply company named Hoopologie. June 14, 2017 marked the 4-year anniversary of that alliance. It has been a magical time for them as we have watched them flourish, prosper, and grow into what is arguably the world's pre-eminent supplier of tubing to the hooping world. Now, Identi-Tape wishes to announce a shifting of our decorative hoop-tape lines to Hoopologie. Hoopologie will take over our inventory and conduct sales of all the decorative tapes we have previously offered, as well as their own novel tapes. These tapes will immediately be available on their web site.

Hoopologie's focus will be to supply both dedicated and novice hoop-makers with all their relevant needs, including colorful HDPE and polypro tubing, all kinds of colorful, holographic, and color-shifting tapes, connectors, buttons, grip strips, and even pre-made hoops. Soon they will have instructional videos to help aspiring hoop-makers learn the craft. The acquisition of our decorative tape lines will broaden their offerings and deepen their inventory and allow them to continue to thrive and grow. As a first-hand witness to their operation, I can personally assure you it is nothing less than first-class. Melinda's dedication to her business is unequaled in the industry.

Identi-Tape will continue on, much as it has for the last 18 years, but its focus will be two-fold. We will focus on the safety industry and the climbing gym industry. Safety related tapes include all kinds of reflective tapes for personal safety, vehicles, and fire equipment, and floor-marking tapes for 5S organization and OSHA compliance. We also will continue to be a major supplier of duct and gaffer tapes for route-marking to the climbing gym industry.

Again, we appreciate your past business with Identi-Tape. We are confident you will find complete and lasting satisfaction in dealing with Hoopologie now, and well into the future. If you have not already been to their web site, please take a moment to visit www.hoopologie.com.

With much Gratitude,

Karl R. Kriegh, GM