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4" High-Intensity Retro-Reflective (Conspicuity) Tape - Made in the USA and available in 8 colors, Reflexite's Daybright V92, V97, and V98 (specs) are all Type V reflective tapes that utilize internal cube-corner microprisms to provide a brilliant reflection.  They provide exceptional brightness even when viewed at low angles to their surface.  Daybright has a distinctive triangular weld pattern and is tough, yet flexible enough to wrap around bicycle frames.  Our rolls are factory slit to exact inch increments of width.  Thickness is 5 mils for standard V92 colors, and 13 to 15 mils for V98 conformable.  They are highly adhesive, weatherproof, and carry a 5-year warranty.  They are also fire resistant - meeting NFPA standards for fire resistance (500ºF for 5 minutes without melting, dripping, or igniting),  NFPA now requires red and yellow (or fluorescent yellow) colors to be used on the backs of fire apparatus (trucks).  V98 is the "conformable" version that conforms over rivets and diamond plate.  Reflexite's brightness, depending on color, ranges from 2.7 to 4.4 times brighter than typical Type I engineering grade material.  Daybright has a high-tack adhesive with peel-off backing and is ideal for reflective striping on emergency vehicles, respirator tanks, motorcycles, bicycles, helmets, gates and bollards.  Silver works well with infra-red range finders.  The order of decreasing brightness is silver, yellow, fluor. yellow, fluor. orange, orange, red, green, and blue.  Tape is sold in 150-foot rolls and 15-foot lengths.  If continuous lengths are preferred, please state so in the "comment box" upon checking out.

4" High-Intensity Retro-Reflective Adhesive Tapes
(for night time conspicuity & hazards)
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Reflexite V92-Series (Silver)
Reflexite V92 Silver-White

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Reflexite V92 5-mil

(reflects bright white)
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4sv Qty:
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4sv Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Yellow)
Reflexite V92 Yellow
Reflexite V92 5-mil

(meets NFPA 1901)*
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4y Qty:
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4y Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Orange)
Reflexite V92 Orange
Reflexite V92 5-mil
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4o Qty:
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4o Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Red)
Reflexite V92 Red
Reflexite V92 5-mil

(meets NFPA 1901)*
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4r Qty:
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4r (temp out)
Reflexite V92-Series (Green)
Reflexite V92 Green
Reflexite V92 5-mil
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4gn Qty:
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4gn (temp out)
Reflexite V92-Series (Blue)
Reflexite V92 Blue
Reflexite V92 5-mil
4" x 15' $35.00 srhi4bl (temp out)
4" x 150' $229.00 srhiR4bl (temp out)
Reflexite's V98 (Type V) Conformable Series below will conform over rivets and diamond plate.
Red and Fluorescent Lime-Yellow are near equal in thickness (13-mil and 15-mil).
Reflexite V98-Series (Flour. Orange)
Reflexite V98 Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Orange
Reflexite V98
Conformable 15-mil
4" x 15' $42.00 srhi98,4fo Qty:
4" x 150' $249.00 srhi98R4fo Qty:
Reflexite V98 Red
Reflexite V98 Red

Rollover to Enlarge Reflexite V98 (Red)
Reflexite Conformable V98 Red
Reflexite V98
Conformable 13-mil

(meets NFPA 1901)*
4" x 15' $40.00 srhi98,4r Qty:
4" x 150' $244.00 srhi98R4r Qty:
Reflexite V98 Conformable Flourescent Lime
Reflexite V98 Fluorescent Lime-Yellow

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Reflexite V98 Conformable Flour. Lime
Reflexite V98 Fluorescent Lime-Yellow
Fluorescent Lime-Yellow
Reflexite V98
Conformable 15-mil

(meets NFPA 1901)*
4" x 15' $42.00 srhi98,4fy Qty:
4" x 150' $249.00 srhi98R4fy Qty:
Fire Apparatus Tape
Back of EMS Vehicle with 6" Wide Stripes

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*NFPA 1901:  Following are excerpts from the National Fire Protection Agency's 2009 NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Apparatus (fire trucks):
"  At least 50% of the rear vertical surfaces of the apparatus shall be equipped with a minimum 4 inch wide alternating yellow and red chevron retro-reflective striping sloping downward and away from the centerline of the vehicle at an angle of 45 degrees."

"  All retro-reflective material required by and shall conform to the requirements of ASTM D 4956, Standard Specification for Retro-reflective Sheeting for Traffic Control, Type I or better."
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