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ReflexiteHigh-Intensity Retro-Reflective Tape - available in 8 colors.  Reflexite's V92 & V98 Daybright (specs) reflective tapes utilize internal cube-corner microprisms to provide a brilliant reflection.  It provides exceptional brightness even when viewed at angles low to its surface.  Daybright has a distinctive triangular weld pattern and is tough, yet flexible enough to wrap around bicycle tubing.  Our rolls are factory slit to exact inch increments of width.  Thickness is 5 mils for standard colors and 15 mils for the conformable fluorescent colors.  They are highly adhesive, weatherproof, carry a 3-year warranty, and also are fire resistant - meeting NFPA standards for fire resistance (500ºF for 5 minutes without melting, dripping, or igniting).  Reflected brightness depends on color, and ranges from 2.7 to 4.4 times that of typical engineering grade material.  Daybright has a high-tack adhesive with peel-off backing and is ideal for reflective striping on emergency vehicles, respirator tanks, motorcycles, bicycles, helmets, gates, and bollards.  It even works with infra-red range finders.  The order of decreasing brightness is silver, yellow, fluor. yellow, fluor. orange, orange, red, green, and blue.  Tape is sold in 15-foot lengths.  If continuous rolls are desired, please request it in the "comment box" when checking out.  50-yd rolls (150 feet) are available below.  Cobb County, GA requires use of 1" orange on certain fire hydrants.

1" High-Intensity Retro-Reflective Adhesive Tapes
(for night time conspicuity, safety & hazards)
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Reflexite V92-Series (Silver) Reflexite V92-Series (Silver)
Reflexite V92-Series Silver

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(reflects bright white)
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1sv Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1sv Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Yellow)Reflexite V92-Series (Yellow)
Reflexite V92-Series Yellow
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1y Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1y Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Orange)Reflexite V92-Series (Orange)
Reflexite V92-Series Orange
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1o Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1o Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Red)Reflexite
Reflexite V92-Series Red
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1r Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1r Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Green)Reflexite V92-Series (Green)
Reflexite V92-Series Green
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1gn Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1gn Qty:
Reflexite V92-Series (Blue)Reflexite V92-Series (Blue)
Reflexite V92-Series Blue
1" x 15' $12.50 srhi1bl Qty:
1" x 150' $69.00 srhiR1bl (temp out)
Reflexite V98 Flour. Lime-YellowReflexite V98 Flour. Lime-Yellow
Reflexite V98 Fluorescent Lime-Yellow
Fluorescent Lime-Yellow
V98 Conformable
1" x 15' $13.00 srhi98,1fy Qty:
1" x 150' $72.00 srhi98R1fy Qty:
Reflexite V98 Flour. OrangeReflexite V98 Flour. Orange
Reflexite V98 Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Orange
V98 Conformable
1" x 15' $13.00 srhi98,1fo Qty:
1" x 150' $72.00 srhi98R1fo Qty:
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