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FLAGGING TAPE (non-adhesive) - Identi-Tape has UV resistant PVC flagging tape in 14 solid colors and 14 patterns. This ribbon is used for surveying, search & rescue, access & trail marking, forestry, environmental studies, and triage (see 4-roll CERT pack below).  "Glow" colors fluoresce beneath a black-light (UV). Striped and Polka Dotted flagging are shown below.  Rolls are sold individually or in 12-roll cartons.  Note: Flagging tape has no adhesive and does not stick or adhere to itself.  These are not recommended for hoops! 

UV Stabilized PVC Flagging Tape - Non-adhesive
Approx. Shade Color Size
(all 1-3/16" width)
Per Roll
or Carton
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Below - Solid Colors of Flagging Tape (Non-adhesive)
  Snow White 100-yd $2.40 fgsnw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgsnwC Qty:
  Black 100-yd $2.40 fgbk Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgbkC Qty:
  Plum Purple 100-yd $2.40 fgpp Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgppC Qty:
  Royal Blue 100-yd $2.40 fgrb Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgrbC Qty:
  Electric Blue 50-yd $2.40 fgeb Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgebC Qty:
  Forest Green 100-yd $2.40 fgfg Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgfgC Qty:
  Electric Green 50-yd $2.40 fgeg Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgegC Qty:
  Glow "Neon" Lime
  (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.40 fggl Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgglC Qty:
  Glow "Neon" Yellow
 (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.40 fgby Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgbyC Qty:
  Mustard Yellow 100-yd $2.40 fgmy Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgmyC Qty:
  Glow "Neon" Orange
 (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.40 fggo Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fggoC Qty:
  Hot "Neon" Pink
 (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.40 fghp Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fghpC Qty:
  Fire "Neon" Red
 (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.40 fgfr Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgfrC Qty:
  Dark Red 100-yd $2.40 fgdr Qty:
12-Roll Carton $26.00 fgdrC Qty:
Flagging Tape Triage Pack 4-Roll CERT Pack
Green, Gellow, Red & Black
100-yd rolls $9.00 fgCERT Qty:
Below - Striped Flagging (Non-adhesive) 1-3/16" width
Striped Flagging Tape - Surveyor's Tape Stripes - Black/Yellow 100-yd $2.65 fgstbky Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstbkyC Qty:
Stripes - Black/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstbkw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstbkwC Qty:
Stripes - Yellow/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstyw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstywC Qty:
Stripes - Red/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstrw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstrwC Qty:
Stripes - Orange/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstow Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstowC Qty:
Stripes - Green/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstgw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstgwC Qty:
Stripes - Blue/White 100-yd $2.65 fgstblw Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstblwC Qty:
Stripes - Black/Fluor. Pink
 (glows under UV light)
50-yd $2.65 fgstbkfp Qty:
12-Roll Carton $29.00 fgstbkfpC Qty:
Below - Polka Dotted Flagging (Non-adhesive) 1-3/16" width
Polka Dots - Black on Fluor. Pink
 (glows under UV light)
12-Roll Carton
$29.00 fgDbkfpC Qty:
Polka-Dot Flagging Tape Polka Dots - Black on Yellow 12-Roll Carton
(4-carton min.)
$29.00 fgDbkyC Qty:
Polka-Dot Flagging Tape Polka Dots - Blue on White 12-Roll Carton
(4-carton min.)
$29.00 fgDblwC Qty:
Polka-Dot Flagging Tape Polka Dots - Green on White 12-Roll Carton
(4-carton min.)
$29.00 fgDgwC Qty:
Polka-Dot Flagging Tape Polka Dots - Red on White 12-Roll Carton
(4-carton min.)
$29.00 fgDrwC Qty:
Polka Dots - Red on Yellow 12-Roll Carton
(4-carton min.)
$29.00 fgDryC Qty:
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