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Note: Engineering Grade tape has been closed out and is superceded by Super-Engineering Grade Tape seen at this link.

1" ENGINEERING GRADE SAFETY REFLECTIVE TAPE - in 7 solid colors, conforms to the requirements of ASTM D 4956, TYPE I reflective sheeting.  This thin (5.5 mil) retro-reflective tape has a peel-off backing and permanent acrylic adhesive.  It utilizes embedded microscopic glass beadlets to reflect light and is used on fire trucks, mail trucks, motorcycles, gates, bikes, helmets, and signs (but not recommended on rough-finished wood).  It meets federal specification LS-300C (Engineering Grade) for reflectivity, longevity (7-year minimum), and resistance to weathering.  It should be applied in the temperature range of 59ºF to 77ºF, but is service rated from -40ºF to 180ºF.  The brightest reflecting color is white, followed by yellow, then orange, red, 3M black, green, and blue.  Tape is sold in 15-foot increments and 50-yd rolls.

1-inch Safety Reflective Adhesive Tapes
(for enhanced night time visibility)
Approximate Color Color Sizes Price per
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  White 1" x 15' $7.00 sr1w (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1w (out)
  Yellow 1" x 15' $7.00
(now $4.00)
sr1y (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1y (out)
  Orange 1" x 15' $7.00
(now $4.00)
sr1o (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1o (out)
  Red 1" x 15' $7.00
(now $4.00)
sr1r (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1r (out)
  Green 1" x 15' $7.00
(now $4.00)
sr1gn (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1gn (out)
  Blue 1" x 15' $7.00 sr1bl (out)
1" x 150' $33.00 srR1bl (out)
Click HERE to see a great little tool for slitting these tapes to narrower widths
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