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PREMIUM 2-INCH COLORED DUCT TAPE is available in 12 colors (8 standard and 4 fluorescent neon).  These duct tapes are premium, super duty, waterproof duct tapes with great tensile strength.  They do not curl or twist during application, do not fragment when being removed, and are ideal for climbing gym walls, color coding sports equipment, duffel bags, bundling and repair.  The fluorescent duct tapes are Shurtape PC-619 or ProDuct 139 (from the same mill, but different brand names).  They are 11-12 mils thick, have 50 oz/in adhesion, tensile strength of 27-32 lbs/in, and service temperature up to 200F.  Available as single rolls and 24-roll cartonsRoHS Compliant!  Features include:
  • Industrial Grade Material
  • Waterproof Backing
  • Agressive Adhesive
  • Rich, Vivid Colors
  • Individually shrink-wrapped
  • Made in USA
  • Specs HERE
Automatic Discounts: 10% at 24 rolls and 15% at 48 rolls (gaffer & duct, mix or match)
All Colors in Stock Unless Indicated Otherwise
Approximate Color Color Size &
per Roll
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2-inch Black Duct Tape Black
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2bk Qty:
2-inch Purple Duct Tape Purple
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2pu Qty:
2-inch Royal Blue Duct Tape Royal Blue
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2rb Qty:
2-inch Green Duct Tape Green
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2gn Qty:
2-inch Red Duct Tape Red
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2r Qty:
2-inch Orange Duct Tape Orange
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2o Qty:
2-inch Yellow Duct Tape Yellow
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2y Qty:
2-inch White Duct Tape White
ProDuct 120
2" x 60-yd $12.00 d2w Qty:
Fluorescent Neon Duct Tape
Fluorescent Green, Orange, Pink, and Yellow Duct Tape Fluorescent Green
Shurtape PC 619*
2" x 60-yd $13.00 d2fg Qty:
Fluorescent Orange
Shurtape PC 619*
2" x 60-yd $13.00 d2fo Qty:
Fluorescent Pink
Shurtape PC 619*
2" x 60-yd $13.00 d2fp Qty:
Fluorescent Yellow
Shurtape PC 619*
2" x 60-yd $13.00 d2fy Qty:
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*Note: ProDuct 139 and Shurtape PC-619 are the same material, but under different brand names