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PLEASE NOTICE!  Identi-Tape has transferred our inventory of holographic rainbow tape for hoops and decorations to our affiliate  This transfer is now complete and all 3/4" and 1" holographic rainbow tapes can be ordered from Hoopologie at the following link:  Holographic Rainbow Tape.  Identi-Tape will continue to offer 2" rainbow sheen at FISH LURE TAPE.
Holographic Tapes
(Made in the USA)
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Silver Rainbow Tape
Silver Rainbow Tape
1" Rainbow Sheen Holographic Tape
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Rainbow SheenTM 3/4" x 150' $12.00 rhM.75rbs
1" x 150' $16.00 rhM1rbs
Rainbow Vortex
Rainbow Vortex Tape
1" Rainbow Vortex
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Rainbow VortexTM
- a 3-D vortex
of swirling rainbows
that draw you in
1" x 150' $17.00 rhM1rbvx
Rainbow Kryptonite
Rainbow Kryptonite Tape
1" Rainbow Kryptonite
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Rainbow KryptoniteTM
- splintered
crystals and shards
of rainbows
1" x 150' $17.00 rhM1rbkt
Silver Holographic Hoopios
Silver Hoopios Tape
1" Holographic Hoopios
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- a sea of tiny sparkling
holographic hoops
1" x 150' $17.00 rhM1rbho
Holographic Crystal Confetti Tape
Holographic Crystal Confetti
1" Holographic Crystal Confetti
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Crystal ConfettiTM
1" x 150' $16.00 rhxM1sv
Gold Crystal Confetti Tape
Gold Holographic Crystal Confetti
1" Holographic Crystal Confetti - Crystal Gold
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Crystal Gold 1" x 150' $16.00 rhxM1gd
Crystal Fusion
Crystal Fusion
1" Holographic Crystal Fusion - Fuchsia
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Crystal Fuschia Fusion 1" x 150' $16.00 rhxM1fu
Black Crystal Confetti Tape
Holographic Crystal Confetti
1" Holographic Crystal Confetti - Carbon
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Crystal Carbon
1" x 150' $16.00 rhxM1bk
Click HERE to see a great little tool for slitting these tapes to narrower widths.
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