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PLEASE NOTICE!  Identi-Tape has transferred our inventory of glitter tapes for hoops and decoration to our affiliate  This transfer is now complete and all 1" glitter tapes can be ordered from Hoopologie at the following link:  Glitter Tape.
Glitter Tapes
Made in the United States
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Size Price
per Roll
Silver Glitter TapeSilver Glitter Glitter Tape
1" Silver Glitter Tape
Silver 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1sv see
Gold Glitter TapeGold Glitter Tape
1" Gold Glitter Tape
Gold 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1gd see
Fluorescent Pink Glitter TapeFluorescent Pink Glitter Tape
1" Fluorescent Pink Glitter Tape
Fluorescent Pink 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fp see
Cherry Red Glitter TapeCherry Red Glitter Tape
1" Cherry Red Glitter Tape
Cherry Red 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1cr see
Fluorescent Green Glitter TapeFluorescent Green Glitter Tape
1" Fluorescent Green Glitter Tape
Fluorescent Green 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fg see
Blue Azure Glitter TapeBlue Azure Glitter Tape
1" Azure Blue Glitter Tape
(Sky Blue)
1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1az see
Royal Blue Glitter TapeRoyal Blue Decorative Tape
1" Royal Blue Glitter Tape
Royal Blue 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1rb see
Fuchsia Glitter TapeFuchsia Glitter Tape
1" Fuchsia Glitter Tape
Fuchsia 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1fu see
Orchid Glitter TapeOrchid Glitter Tape
1" Orchid Glitter Tape
Orchid 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1orc see
Violet Glitter TapeViolet Glitter Tape
1" Violet Glitter Tape
Violet 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1vi see
Black Galaxy Glitter TapeBlack Galaxy Glitter Tape
1" Black Galaxy Glitter Tape
Black Galaxy 1" x 150' $18.00 rGRM1bk see
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