Camo Tape
CAMOUFLAGE GAFFER TAPE - Identi-Tape has matte finish printed gaffer tape (vinyl-coated cloth) in a variety of colors including purple, winter (snow) and fluorescent colors that glow under UV (black) light.  These tapes have a non-reflective surface and are easy tearing, highly conformable and clean removing.  This camo tapes come in 1" x 25-yd size rolls.  These are used for climbing gyms (especially black light comps), dance & exercise hoops, street fashion, hunters, wildlife photographers (and their equipment), paintball guns, etc.

(all inks are black and gray)
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Snow Camo Tape Snow 1" x 25-yd $8.50
now $7.50
cm1sn Qty:
Fluorescent Blue Camo Tape Fluor. Blue 1" x 25-yd $8.50
now $7.50
cm1fb Qty:
Red Camo Tape Red 1" x 25-yd $8.50 cm1r (out)
Fluor. Green Camo Tape Fluor. Green 1" x 25-yd $8.50
now $7.50
cm1fg Qty:
Fluor. Yellow Camo Tape Fluor. Yellow 1" x 25-yd $8.50
now $7.50
cm1fy Qty:
Fluor. Pink Camo Tape Fluor. Pink 1" x 25-yd $8.50 cm1fp (out)
Hot Pink Camo Tape Fluorescent Pink 2" x 10-yd $7.00
(now $3.00)
cm2fp Qty:
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