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3M Scotchlite 8850 Adhesive Reflective Film Tape is a thin, flexible, lightweight retro-reflective film with a rubber-based self-adhesive.  It has a uniform silvery appearance wthout a pattern.  It is outstanding for application to raingear, backpacks, motorcycle jackets, satchels, totes, boots and other outdoor apparel that would be difficult to sew reflective fabric onto.  3M 8850 has a clear peel-off liner on the adhesive side and a layer of white protective paper covering the outside reflective surface.  Once applied, the white paper layer is peeled off to reveal the reflective surface.  It is very bright, having a reflectivity of 500 Candelas/Lux/sq. meter.  3M 8850 will stay in place permanently, but is not recommended for permanent clothing applications that require wash durability.  3M 8850 applied to T-shirts will survive washing at a warm setting and moderate heat drying and will come out wrinkly, but the reflectivity will not be significantly diminished.  3M 8850 can be removed from soft clothing like t-shirts and jerseys, but not from heavier materials such as Cordura or Carhart jackets.  Specifications can be seen at the following link: 3M ScotchliteTM 8850 Specs.

3M 8850 on Satchel 3M 8850 on Satchel 3M 8850 on North Face Jacket

Application Instructions:  3M 8850 has both a clear plastic liner covering the adhesive side and a white paper liner covering its silver reflective side.  Cut a piece to size and remove the clear liner to expose the adhesive (#1 above).  Turn it over and lightly place the tape into position, then press and rub it down firmly onto the fabric over a hard surface.  It is advisable for most materials to allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours amd reach maximum strength before peeling off the liner, then use your fingernail or an Exacto Blade and carefully "pick" up a corner of the paper liner to begin separating it from the reflective layer (#2 above).  While keeping close to its surface, slowly peel away the liner by pulling it toward its opposite end to fully expose the reflective surface.  Then, you will ready for the hazards of the night!

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3M 5510 3M 8850
Reflective Film

(3.5 - 4 mils thick)
for webbing, packs,
satchels, Cordura,
and flexible vinyl or
rubber surfaces
1" x 8 feet $10.00 3M8850-1 Qty:
1" x 100-m
(328 feet)
$158.00 3M8850R1 Qty:
(allow 3-5 days
to ship)
2" x 8 feet $18.00 3M8850-2 Qty:
2" x 100-m
(328 feet)
$308.00 3M8850R2 Qty:
(allow 3-5 days
to ship)
3M 8887 Reflective Tape 3M 8887
Fluorescent Yellow
Reflective Tape

(~16 mils thick)
for helmets and
hard surfaces
1" x 8 feet $11.00 3M8887-1fy Qty:
1" x 100-m
(328 feet)
$247.00 3M8887R1fy Qty:
(allow 3-5 days
to ship)
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